May 18, 2017
V-Call Center Link Inc. is now a proud member of IT and Business Process Association Philippines (IBPAP) who led the Philippine IT-BPM industry's growth through multiple initiatives since 2004.
October 14, 2016
At VCC Link, our recruitment team do more than just aim for numbers.
October 13, 2016
VCC Link has always been passionate in providing only the most qualified endorsements to our business partners' entry level, mid level and top tier positions. And with its Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Teams' dedication and hard work, it received awards for four consecutive years from the country's top-performing BPO company.
October 12, 2016
One of the country's leading providers of outsourced customer management services named VCC Link as a Top Business Partner for its excellent performance in the first two quarters of the year 2015. VCC Link received this recognition for both its outstanding number of qualified endorsements and high conversation rates: a testament to its commitment to providing, not just quantity, but quality endorsements.
May 20, 2016
Today, many people apply for the role of customer service representative. However, some people are either unable to get the job because of lack of preparations, or they end up not liking the actual tasks that the job entails. When applying for the job, it is very important to enter into the commitment with the correct information about the job, the company, and the industry. Before your interview or even before you send in your application for the job; find out more about the job description, the skills needed, and the benefits of becoming a customer service representative.
May 18, 2016
Job hunting today has been made fast and less hassle by the help of recruitment agencies that aid jobseekers. Here at VCC Link, we are a recruitment and executive firm that provides pre-screening and allocation to aspiring call center applicants. If you're still curious about us or unsure about applying as an applicant under our company, here are a few reasons why you should go with VCC Link!
May 17, 2016
It is often very difficult to deal with rejection, especially when you don't get what you've been working very hard for. When you are turned down, it easily takes a toll on your confidence and makes you question your skills and credibility. However, we must remember that everyone has gone and will go through rejection in life. In order to overcome this feeling of dejection, here's a list of things we must keep in mind the next time things don't go our way.
May 16, 2016
Still deciding if you would like to take on a job in the call center industry? If you're still doubtful about being a call center agent, then here are a few reasons that will help you ascertain whether this is the right job for you!
May 06, 2016
Even though Filipino (or Tagalog) is our native language, learning English is vital as most businesses today communicate in this language. Improving one's English is not just beneficial for us at work and in our jobs, but it also applies to us in our daily life. Listed in this article are a few steps in which you can help yourself slowly but steadily build your English vocabulary and perfect your pronunciation and grammar.
May 05, 2016
Get your notes ready 'cause we've created a list of the basics Do's and Don'ts in a job interview that will help you prepare for your next one!
May 02, 2016
There is no easy or perfect way to answer questions in a job interview. To help you best prepare yourself for one, here are a five ways to ace your job interview that will increase your chances in getting that job.
April 08, 2014
Many Filipino citizens in the Visayan region have suffered from the wrath of typhoon Yolanda last November 8,2013. Destroyed homes, hungry people and deaths of many caught the attention of people all over the world.
April 08, 2014
The company was established January 2004 and is looking forward for continuous growth and movement for the next years to come. To celebrate 10 years of success the company held a bowling competition for everyone, just like 10 pins in a bowling lane VCC Link has striked it all.