Our Company

Who we are: Company Profile

Vital Call Center Link (VCC Link), Inc. was established in January 2004, and was incorporated to primarily offer contact center solutions to off shore companies to address call center needs: systems and procedure development and set up, supply of quality manpower, provide sales and customer service training.

With the increasing demand for qualified call center personnel, VCC Link focuses on training and recruitment to provide clients with a consistent quality manpower as well as efficient sales and customer service training.

What We Believe: Vision and Mission

We are committed to the Vision...

  • To be the distinguished support group of the Philippine BPO industry known for quality Search and Training service and exceptionally competent people.

We will accomplish the Mission...

       To Jobseekers (Better jobs, Skills Improvement)

  • Preferred career managers in one's search for employment opportunities
  • Provide effective skills training for employees seeking career advancement

       To Clients (Quality Service, Doing Things Right the First time and All the Time)

  • First rate management and consultancy BPO support services
  • Fastest and most efficient provider of screened quality human resource

       To Employees (Job Security, Training, Career Growth, Happy)

  • Premiere company that nurtures an environment conducive for work excellence and teamwork.
  • A meritocratic company that provides gratifying financial incentives, timely career advancement and notable personal development

       To Shareholders (Notable Profit, Worthwhile Investment)

  • A company that gives its shareholders excellent return for their investment

       To Public/Society (Contribution to Philippines' Economic growth: Social Entrepreneur)

  • A company that significantly contributes to enhancing the country's image as a premiere Contact Center and BPO destination with its quality Search and Training Services.