VCC Link @ 10 – Ten Pins down!

April 08, 2014

The company was established January 2004 and is looking forward for continuous growth and movement for the next years to come. To celebrate 10 years of success the company held a bowling competition for everyone, just like 10 pins in a bowling lane VCC Link has striked it all.

The program started with a message form the Directors, thanking VCC employees for their job well done over the years and how the company wouldn’t be where it is now if not for their hard work. Company values were also stressed as one of the major factors that continuously drive the company’s success and development, as we believe that nothing can go wrong when you are working with people with exceptionally good character.

The Company also awarded employees for their loyalty and great contributions, as they have helped in building the essential pillars the company has right now. Employees awarded were, Mr. Rogelio (Red) Miralles Jr., Recruitment and Training Manager for his long time commitment of 7 years in the company and Ms. Anna Villanueva, Recruitment and Training Deputy Manager for her 5 years of loyalty to VCC Link Inc.

VCC Link’s core values includes teamwork and fun and with no exception at all, the activities and games included all employees and owners of the company keeping a bond that makes the company stronger. The loud cheers and occasional silence of anticipation filled the air which made it all exciting and fun. Everyone showed their best as they usually do in a day to day basis, their competitiveness kept the atmosphere alive. With this we congratulate everyone who won and went home with their prizes and all who gave all they’ve got for their teams.

Happy 10th year VCC Link!